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Foreign Service Grievance Board

Foreign Service Grievance Board

Under Section 1105 of the Foreign Service Act of 1980, as amended (the Act), Congress established the Foreign Service Grievance Board, which consists of no fewer than five members who are independent, distinguished citizens of the United States. Well known for their integrity, they are not employees of the foreign affairs agencies or members of the Service. Each member, as well as the Chairman, is appointed by the Secretary of State for a term of two years, subject to renewal. Appointments are made from nominees approved in writing by the agencies served by the Board and the exclusive representative for each such agency. The Chairman may select one member as a deputy who, in the absence of the Chairman, may assume the duties and responsibilities of that position. The Chairman also selects an Executive Secretary, who is responsible to the Board through the Chairman.

Effective October 1, 2011, the Chairman of the Foreign Service Grievance Board is Garber Davidson. Elliot Shaller is the Deputy Chairperson.

Lisa Bucher is the current Executive Secretary and can be reached at (703) 875-5165 and


 New Grievances

1983-1 - 11-14-1983 - Decision - RedactedNew
2016-038 - 03-24-2017 - Amended Order - Motion to Compel_RedactedNew
1994-085 - 08-18-1995 - Order_Redacted
1994-085 - 06-12-1995 - Discovery Order_Redacted
1994-085 - 03-08-1995 - Motion to Compel Order_Redacted
1994-084 - 10-18-1995 - Motion to Compel Order_Redacted
1994-084 - 03-25-1996 - Decision_Redacted
1994-084 - 02-16-1996 - Decision_Redacted
1994-084 - 01-26-1995 - Interim Decision_Redacted
1994-082 - 07-31-1995 - Motion to Compel Order_Redacted